A Winter Afternoon

Cold and Cozy 
It's mid February, and in Stockholm some days feel super chilly and foggy, and other days are super chilly and sunny. And, me being the tropical beach and sun loving girl that I am,  I'm still constantly struggling in a love-hate relationship with the snow and ice, even after living here for more than one and a half years!

But nonetheless, I felt inspired to go out today, and I clicked some pictures along the way, of the things I did, places I went to, and what that I saw.

This is one of those random blog posts, where there's nothing on my mind and yet there's so much, that I just want to write and put some positivity out there and to myself as well :)

So hope you enjoy a random winter afternoon in my life.

I'm currently doing my Master thesis, but since I had a day off today, I wanted to walk around a bit, quieten my over flooded- with- thoughts mind, and just chill a little.

I went out to central Stockholm, which is usually the busiest place and I…

Snowflake and sunshine

It’s weird the way things work, and then they don’t.
How one day its warm, and the next day there’s snow. 

It’s weird how you can feel so cold, and yet there’s a little fire burning inside. How the days never seem to fade, and yet the night never wants to start.
It’s weird that there are million voices inside my head.  How they all talk, but the words just meet a dead end.

It’s weird how a snowflake and sunshine can coexist.  How the warmth and the cold can create mist.

It’s weird that I can see my thoughts, in phrases and art.  How a storm makes more sense to me than my own heart.
It’s weird how much silence can scream.

It’s weird how the clouds in the sky can clear up. 
How they disintegrate there and find each other in your head. 
It’s weird how you can either build your self up, or break yourself down.  It’s weird how you understand the universe, and still be lost.  How despite walking the ocean, a raindrop can cause your fall.

How the strongest of them all can feel like a coward inside.  …


Life is good. And then it's not. And then it becomes good again. And then it's not. Its a constant cycle. But we can't change who we are based on these events. When it gets hard, it is very difficult for us to get back up. For some people, the bad phases last for a short time. For some people, it goes on for what seems like an eternity. But should we let that change us? Should we allow it to dim our fire? Can we let life defeat us? 
Hell no! Of course not. But it's easier said than done right? 
Let me be the first to accept, then when things go bad for me, I try to stay positive for a while, but then it does get to me eventually and I ruminate in that feeling. I sometimes think I should just give up. I cry, I break down. But then, that doesn't do anything does it? If you accept defeat, if you let it change you, it will. But if you learn to grind your teeth, put on a strong front, and convince yourself that it's going to be okay, you can push through. 
Life get…

This letter is for you.

Hey there. This letter is for you.  
 It is ok to be anxious. It’s okay to feel the way you feel. What is not ok…. Is giving up. If you accept that this is normal, then you will get comfortable being depressed or anxious. And that is not okay.

Don't be harsh on yourself. It's okay to have moments of anxiety. Acceptance is the first step. Once you accept that some thing is wrong. You start of on the right path.

Accept, then analyse.
Something is not going okay. Find out what. Understand your emotions, understand the reasons. Learn what is harming you, go to the root of the problem.

Sometimes it is simple, most times it hard to find out what exactly is wrong. Its ok if you cant really fully understand. What matters is that you’re trying.

Once you accept your situation, and once you are in sync with your true feelings and mental space, then you can begin your journey towards betterment.
How can you deal with your anxiety?
See if it is more general or if it is more specific?


If you had 24 hours to yourself?

What would you do? 
If you had 24 hours... to do anything, how would you spend it?

Watch this 1 minute video and then read below.. 

We all wait for some day to come to make a change. We wait for New Years Day, or our birthday, or we just dont take any efforts and hope that something changes. But how will something change if you keep doing the same thing?
Everyday if  you perform the same tasks, feel the same emotions, take the same decisions, how will your life change?
You have to decide if you want things to change in your life, if you want things to become better. NO ONE ELSE is going to fix things for you. So dont wait for someone to make your life better, your job better, or your situation better. Dont wait for 31st December to change your life, to start something new. All it takes is 24 hours, 1 day. And that can be any day that you want.
So take control of your day and change the things you want to change.


Apps that I use for editing Instagram and Blog pictures

I love taking pictures, of nature, of buildings, of anything actually! :D
I use certain apps to edit my photos. Since I don't own a professional camera, some of these apps help me in creating professional photos which i use for my Instagram, but also majorly for my blogs, both here and on my other blog page for Study in Sweden.
So here are some of my favourite apps. I've added a picture that I took and edited using each of these apps, so you can get a better understanding of what each one does!  VCSO 
I love using VSCO Cam, especially for nature pictures. It gives your picture a more professional touch, makes it look more mysterious and aesthetic. There are some filters on it that I absolutely love! Some of my favourites are HB2, C5 etc.

This is really good for adding the HDR effect, the details and the lighting correction. This app works well for both nature photography and people photography, but I personally like using it for nature pictures. My Instagram is filed wi…

Autumn Motivation

We all Fall down. 

It's good to fall down sometimes, to hit rock bottom. I know that's not a popular opinion, and I'm certainly not a fan of failing, or having a bad phase. But all the times that I've been in a rough spot are the times I've learnt to grow and become stronger.

We all see failures, be it emotional, professional or personal as a negative thing, and for the most part it is. But, failures are inevitable. Take a minute, think of your role model, it could be a business tycoon, a family member, a teacher, a friend, a celebrity, a singer, anyone. Do you think they made it to where they are without facing hardships? Of course not!

There are days where we feel like things can't go any worse. There are days where we question why we are working so hard and not getting the rewards. There are days where we feel like even our closest people don't understand us. And all this, is normal.

It happens to everyone. What differs from person to person, is how we …